Network with others

Group of people

Consider joining a network of suicide prevention groups to learn from and help others. Below are just two options available to you and your group.

Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA)

Join SPA to be part of the community action on suicide and to network with others experiencing similar issues.

Register to be part of the Small Towns Resource Network by emailing [email protected]. Share your experiences with others so everyone can learn more about what works best in our communities.

To learn more and join Suicide Prevention Australia:

Wesley LifeForce Networks

Wesley LifeForce has established suicide prevention networks in a wide variety of community settings throughout Australia, from urban centres to remote Aboriginal communities.

A network or coalition is a union of people and organisations, a voluntary collaboration working together to influence outcomes of a specific problem. A suicide prevention network, addressing the specific needs of a local area, is one of the most effective ways of raising community awareness of the issue of suicide at the same time as empowering its members to develop appropriate suicide prevention strategies at a grassroots level.

Visit for more information.

For further information contact Wesley LifeForce networks:
Ph: 1800 100 024
Email: [email protected]


You can also think about partnering with other organisations or community groups with a common purpose. Download this fact sheet from Wesley Mission about considerations to take into account before partnering.PDF icon Partnering_Fact_Sheet.pdf

Work-in-progress checklist

  • Has the action group registered with SPA?
  • Has information from SPA been used in community activities?

Information you should keep

  • Feedback from action group members
  • Self-assessment on how SPA information has been applied in the community
  • Records on community involvement in national action, e.g. World Suicide Prevention Day.